The Hawthorn Reserve works are identified in the Stormwater Management Plan as ‘Soldiers Memorial, JW Morris and Delwood Reserves’ and is described in Sections 11.2.10 and 12.1.10. The SMP proposed that creek capacity upgrade works be undertaken through this area as part of the upper Brown Hill Creek upgrade in the second half of the project’s delivery program. Grant funding was sought and obtained by the City of Mitcham to upgrade the Hawthorn reserve precinct and the creek works associated with this community space were therefore expedited. The works were delivered by City of Mitcham and the official opening was held on 9 May 2019.

The creek has been widened to ensure sufficient capacity to endure a significant flood event. The banks have been laid back in the area of the creek adjacent the Mitcham library to retain a natural setting with native plantings within the creek channel and on the banks. These plantings have been established using a surface material that provides bank stability and allows plant growth. Stepping boulders and logs have also been installed to create an active nature play space for use when the creek is dry or not flowing. Further downstream, rock filled gabions have been installed. In addition, a floodwall has been constructed at George Street to protect properties from flooding and contain creek flows.