The Board is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the Regional Subsidiary. It is responsible for ensuring ‘the Regional Subsidiary observes the objectives set out in the Charter, that information provided to the Constituent Councils is accurate and that Constituent Councils are kept informed of the solvency of the Regional Subsidiary as well as any material developments which may affect the operating capacity and financial affairs of the Regional Subsidiary’.

The Board comprises five members appointed for a three-year term on a differential basis. Elected Members and officers of the Constituent Councils are precluded from board membership.

Board Members were appointed following recommendations made by a Nominations Committee, as defined in the Charter. The process required appointment of persons with demonstrable skills relevant to the purpose of the Regional Subsidiary, particularly in respect of corporate financial management, corporate governance, project management, general management, engineering, economics or environmental management. The Chairperson is determined by the Board and is appointed for a term of 1 year. The inaugural Board of the Regional Subsidiary was appointed on 3 August 2018 and current Board members include:

Judith Choate, Chairperson

Ms Choate is a lawyer with 28 years of experience in corporate governance, risk management, project management and stakeholder issues, particularly in the property and infrastructure sectors. She currently works as a Director at KPMG Law, as well as being a Non-Executive Director on the National Board of Governors for the College of Law.

Paul Gelston

Mr Gelston is a civil engineer who recently retired as Chief Operating Officer at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in SA. He has over 40 years of experience in the delivery of major infrastructure projects at both State Government and Local Government level at the City of Prospect.

Geoff Vogt

Mr Vogt has extensive experience in the financial services and insurance industries and is currently CEO of Industry Leaders Fund Inc. He is also Chairman of Centennial Park Cemetery Authority, a member of the Eastern Region Alliance Water Board, and a Director of KeyInvest. He was also previously CEO of the Motor Accident Commission in SA.

Paul Bowler

Mr Bowler has 30 years of experience in leadership roles in construction and infrastructure development across Australia. His experience includes the successful development, procurement and delivery of many major projects, including several projects valued between $200 million and $1 billion.

Rachel Barratt

Ms Barratt has worked in South Australian water and natural resource management for over 20 years, in both public and private enterprise. With a Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Adelaide, she is currently the Chief Executive of the Water Industry Alliance and has extensive expertise with stormwater management issues and stakeholder management.

Audit and Risk Committee

An Audit and Risk Committee was formed by resolution of the Board on 9 August 2018. Board Members Geoff Vogt, Rachel Barratt and Paul Gelston were appointed to the committee by resolution of the Board on 16 August 2018 with the Charter requiring in Section 9.6 (a) that the Chairperson of the Board also ‘serve as Chair of all committees established by the Board’. The first meeting of the Audit and Risk Committee was held on 27 August 2018.

On 18 October 2018, the Board resolved that ‘the Board appoint to the Audit and Risk Committee an independent person whose financial qualifications are endorsed by the Councils, and who is to be paid an amount equivalent to that of independent members of other Local Government subsidiary Audit Committees’. The Board subsequently resolved on 15 November 2018 to appoint Justin Humphrey of Grant Thornton as the independent member of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Owners Executive Group

The Owners Executive Group, previously known as the Project Steering Group, consists of a representative from each of the Constituent Councils. Membership is currently:

  • City of Adelaide – Klinton Devenish, Executive Manager
  • City of Burnside – Chris Cowley, Chief Executive
  • City of Mitcham – Matt Pears, Chief Executive
  • City of Unley – Peter Tsokas, Chief Executive
  • City of West Torrens – Terry Buss, Chief Executive

Meetings between the Board and the Owners Executive Group are scheduled quarterly. Prior to appointment of the Board on 3 August 2018, the Owners Executive Group also acted as an Interim Board.

Project Director

Peta Mantzarapis was appointed as Project Director in January 2019 following 20 years in private practice, most recently as Head of Infrastructure Advisory for JLL and prior, as Managing Director of Maloney Field Services. Peta’s professional qualifications are as a property valuer specialising in acquisition of land for infrastructure delivery. Her career experience has focussed on infrastructure projects Australia-wide across industry sectors including oil and gas, power and energy, water and drainage, mining, roads and rail, renewable energy and telecommunications.