Flood storage basins in Park 20, Victoria Park (incorporating wetlands), and the Glenside campus of Department of Health are designed to reduce the flow of stormwater in Parklands Creek to within the existing capacity of Parklands Creek through North Unley. The proposal involves:

  • Enlargement of the existing basin in Glenside Campus to limit flow into the South Park Lands to within the capacity of the existing culvert under the Fullarton and Greenhill Roads intersection;
  • Establishment of wetlands in the southern precinct of Victoria Park in accordance with a master plan produced by the City of Adelaide; and
  • Construction of a levee to create storage in the southern and western part of Park 20 of the South Park Lands, which is located between Peacock and Unley Roads.

The proposal is outlined in Section 10.2 of the 2016 Stormwater Management Plan.