New Board members appointed (257kb)
8 August 2018

Work continues as Board arrangements progress (229kb)

22 June 2018

Regional subsidiary officially established (283kb)

27 February 2018

Regional subsidiary set to assume project management (289kb)

31 January 2018

Stormwater project to avert flooding impacts in Brown Hill, Keswick Creek catchment (273kb)
27 February 2017

State Government Urged To Contribute Funding To Flood Plan (62kb)
15 September 2016

Liberals Urged To Match Labor’s Election Commitment To Critical South Australian Flood Plan (89kb)
21 June 2016

Final Stormwater Management Plan Submitted To SMA (128kb)
18 March 2016

Funding Crucial For Flood Plan (113kb)
7 March 2016

Flood Event Highlights Need For Stormwater Plan (59kb)
29 January 2016

Green Light To Finalise Flood Plan (191kb)
29 October 2015

Correct Information About Flood Plan – Messenger (245kb)
27 August 2015

Flood Plan Wins Community Support (169kb)
13 August 2015

Flood Mitigation Progress – The Advertiser (249kb)
26 June 2015

Trees Clarification – Eastern Courier Messenger (246kb)
25 June 2015

Community Consultation to commence on proposed works for Upper Brown Hill Creek (143kb)
7 May 2015

Inaccurate Media Story – Messenger (287kb)
17 September 2014

New Stormwater Management Report Considers Options for Upper Brown Hill Creek (196.3kb)
9 September 2014

Stormwater Management Plan on track for SMA lodgement (178kb)
16 August 2012

Councils approve Stormwater Management Strategy (106kb)
29 May 2012

Councils set to progress Stormwater Management Plan (107kb)
2 May 2012

Community consultation report released for Brownhill Keswick Creek Stormwater Plan (110kb)
9 March 2012

Draft stormwater plan on schedule for community consultation (25kb)
15 July 2011

Councils agree on way forward for Brownhill/Keswick Creeks Plan (26kb)
19 April 2011